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About Heartland Golf Schools !

Born in 1995, Heartland Golf Schools originated in St. Louis, Missouri, USA Founder, Ed LeBeau, implemented his vision to make learning golf simple and accessible to all. Mr. LeBeau, having learned from US PGA Hall of Fame Teacher, Manuel de la Torre, created a golf learning process that has been recognized internationally with Pro Tony, a member of the PGA of America and United States Golf Association. Heartland's concept is go to the "heart" of the student swing problem and have them learn golf the natural way, using principle-oriented concepts.


Natural Curriculum (Principle-Oriented)

Based on the teaching of Manuel de la Torre and Ed LeBeau, The Natural Curriculum is based on the knowledge that ANYONE can learn to play golf. The movements of the golf swing are very similar to the Natural movements one makes in other sports and in everyday activities. Essentially, if you can bounce a ball or throw a bucket of water, you have all the tools needed for building an effective golf swing. With the Natural Curriculum, golf is fun and easy to learn! It's plain simple! Although focused on teaching golfers at the beginner and intermediate levels, the natural Curriculum, is also extremely effective with low-handicap and even professional golfers. Coined phrased, the "Natural Golf Medicine" Heartland has many programs to help golfers find their natural swing. So no matter who you are and no matter what you skill level is, Heartland Golf Schools can develop a programs for you! Additionally, Heartland Golf Schools practices the Kaizen theory, to that improvement comes with continuous practice.


YMJ Golf Partnership Profile

We also provide a quality golf school under the name of "Heartland Golf Schools" located at All Star Golf Complex in Bangkok, Thailand.


IF It's About Golf, We Do It !

If it's about golf, we do it! Thinking of hosting a golf event to treat your customers? We can conduct golf tournaments, golf workshops and golf parties for you and your customer at any golf course or golf driving range. Utilizing our network, we can help manage and operate a golf event for you so you do not have to worry. Our experience from the many events we have conducted have allowed us to even conduct golf events overseas. For more information, please contact directly to the events division at our head office.